Dede Smith

for City Council 2015


35-year resident of Fry's Spring
in Charlottesville, Virginia

Welcome to My Campaign

I’ve lived in Charlottesville for 35 years and I think it is the best
place to live anywhere in the country. My husband Tim and I have raised two children here who have grown up to appreciate the excellent educational and cultural opportunities that Charlottesville has offered them. Where else can you go any day of the week and hear great music, see provocative theater, eat at any number of fantastic restaurants, or just sit on your porch with friends and neighbors – under towering trees listening to the call of the treefrogs and the song of the woodthrush.
It’s an amazing city!

It's not a secret..

Recently, I got to talking with a young man taking a walk in my neighborhood (under the towering trees), who was here from Manhattan for UVA’s alumni weekend. He wanted to know….. did I appreciate what an amazing city I lived in.

And I said, yes, I do. That’s why I’m running for city council. I believe in this city and I believe that my fellow Charlottesville citizens care about its future.


.... that future is vulnerable to the pressures of growth and aging infrastructure. Our history is catching up to us. The challenge will be to address our pressing environmental and transportation issues without destroying the rich historic character that defines Charlottesville. If honored with re-election, I will work to enhance this unique quality, a mix of urban vibrancy with the pastoral quality of its neighborhoods.


... not all of our citizens share the high quality of life I speak of. Whether in our educational system, the arts and culture scene, or availability of housing.. we need to honor the diversity of incomes, ethnicities and race that define our city. We can do better and we will, if we are willing to look forward and embrace a 21st century vision for our city.

After all ....

... Our quality of life is unique and precious. We can have it all, a deep, enriching history, stunning landscape and vibrant urban culture .. IF… we are careful about how we move forward.

Charlottesville has 20th century problems that require 21st century solutions. I believe that by using innovative solutions we can ensure the same high quality of life for many generations to come.